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Already have a Google Ads Account – but Disappointed by the Results?

If you are advertising with Google Ads and reading this page, it’s likely the results are falling short of your expectations.

You might have an agency managing your account, or you might be trying to manage Google Ads yourself (and finding it’s driving you crazy and losing you money).

The good thing about taking over an existing Google Ads account is that we have some numbers to work with. Even if your account is losing money at the moment, we can probably dig into it and find a few keywords and ads that are profitable. So we can zero in on those and hopefully get you some immediate results, while pruning back all the dead wood.

Basic mistakes can cost you

We see the same fundamental mistakes time and again with Google Ads accounts. Keywords that are poorly chosen and poorly organised into Ad Groups; Ads that are badly written and don’t stand out from the competition; and clicks that are being wasted on search terms that are irrelevant for the product or service being sold.

Just cleaning up these basic mistakes can often turn an account into profit. But in some markets, where the competition among Google advertisers is fierce, we need to go beyond the basics and think outside the box. With our guarantee to get your account into profit within 45 days uppermost in our minds, we put pressure on ourselves to achieve results.

So you know when you engage our services, you can’t lose. We are putting our reputation on the line to make your account profitable!


Every campaign is different but management fees are as little as $250 +GST per month. (This management fee is separate from your advertising spend to Google).

We do NOT base our fees on a percentage of your ad spend to Google, as many agencies do (read this blog post to see why). You simply pay a flat monthly retainer, which we agree upfront.

The fee depends to some extent on how competitive your market is. Click prices have become extremely expensive in some markets; we will discuss that when we first talk.

Our promise to you as a client

When we manage your Google Ads account, we will give it everything we’ve got and use every ounce of marketing skill and experience to help you get the maximum returns possible.

Furthermore, we will give you a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If your Google Ads account is not profitable within 45 days, we will refund our management fees in full.

Want to discuss Google Ads?

Call us on 03 377 3637 or use the contact form – and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Our clients include: