Click Media


1. Google Ads management – with GUARANTEED profitability

We specialise in the setup, restructuring and ongoing management of Google Ads for small and medium-size businesses. We have a track record of managing profitable Google Ads accounts – and we give a money-back GUARANTEE that your Google Ads account will be making a profit within 45 days.

2. Landing page design and copywriting

This is an important (but often neglected) part of most Google Ads campaigns. You can drive targeted traffic to your website – but the landing page must do its job of converting those visitors into enquiries or sales.

We can advise on whether your landing page and/or copy needs improving. We tend to take a conservative approach – i.e. we don’t normally redesign or rewrite landing pages without testing the incumbent pages first, to see how they convert. In some cases, of course, the website is clearly in need of a makeover, in which case we will recommend, quote for and carry out this work at the outset.

Our clients include: