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Never put a German Shepherd in charge of the ham sandwiches

If you run any kind of Google Advertising, you might have had an email or phone call from a friendly Google Ads rep. If you haven’t yet, you probably will soon.

Google are becoming very proactive in trying to “help” their advertisers to improve their Google Ads campaigns. At first, you might feel flattered by Google taking an interest in your business. When they first approached me, I certainly was.

But be cautious. I have been working with Google Ads reps on various clients’ accounts now for a year or so. I have to say, the results have never been good. I have always regretted it. These Google reps are not quite as charitable as it might seem. They have one objective. To help you to spend more money!

I had a prospective client approach me yesterday asking for help to manage his Google Ads. He had been on the phone to a Google rep the previous day. The Google rep made great promises about how many leads they could achieve for his business. The monthly “investment” would “only” be $6000.

After talking with this prospective client, I advised him to run as fast as he could from Google’s offer. Unless he wanted to blow $6000 every month. I have recommended he start with $600 a month, test the water and then increase his advertising budget as the results are proven.

Next time your friendly Google Ads rep calls, ask them this question:
“Have you ever spent your own money buying Google Ads for your own business?”
If they haven’t, then take their advice with a pinch of salt.

Here is the truth:
Google has a tiny handful of experts who really do know Google Ads inside out. These true experts are assigned to the big spenders, the A-list players who are spending 100s of thousands of dollars a month on Google advertising. These would be less than 3% of all Google advertisers.

The other 97% of Google advertisers don’t get access to the A-team. They get the B-team. These are the ones who call you on the phone. They are really not much more than trained sales people.

They have a script they are trained to read, with a list of things to suggest to boost your advertising i.e. spend more money.

When you get a call from Google, you tend to trust them. After all, they are a massive brand and it’s flattering to think they are interested in helping your little old business. And their advice is free of charge!

But my experience, and that of many others who have taken the advice of the friendly Google rep, is that you will spend more money and make little, or no extra bottom line proft as a result.

Google makes no guarantees. Once they have your money, it’s gone forever. “Oh, sorry that didn’t work out.”

Asking Google to help you mange your Google Ads account is like putting a German shepherd in charge of the ham sandwiches. It’s not going to end well.

So, my advice is, don’t trust the Google rep. Instead, hire an experienced Google Ads professional, ideally someone who has spent their own money using Google Ads to grow their own business.

Or, you can teach yourself the fundamentals of Google Ads and do it yourself, if you are motivated enough. I recommend “The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords” by Perry Marshall. You can get it from Or you can get it direct from Perry Marshall’s website –

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