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The great social media swindle

I’ve recently spoken with several business owners who feel ripped off by social media marketing agencies. They’ve been promised the earth but have seen little (if anything) in terms of sales as result of the money they’ve invested. It’s one thing to get “likes” and “engagement” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. But what we really …

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Don’t blindly follow the AdWords herd

By Rob Drummond This is part two in a two-part article. We were talking in part one of this article about how no one individual can be a true expert in the entire AdWords system. I left you with the thought that you need to go into any AdWords engagement with your eyes open and …

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The AdWords agency problem

By Rob Drummond This is part one in a two-part article It’s easy to forget how much AdWords has changed in the last two or three years. The interface looks similar to the interface we have today, but the machinery under the hood is completely different. In 2011 we had the search network, and the …

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