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Why you shouldn’t try to rank number one on Google

I had a call this week from a prospective client. He was weighing up between investing in search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Ads. He’d been told by an SEO agency that Google Ads was like “renting” space on Google, while SEO was like “buying” a property. On that basis, he’d pretty much been persuaded …

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The honest truth about advertising

At this time of year, most of us are thinking and planning about how to grow our business. He are my thoughts, based on 15+ years experience specifically in online marketing. Many small business owners are dreamers. Nothing wrong with dreaming per se. But you need to face reality as well. Too many small business …

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Top Google Ads Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Mastering Google Ads is a rapidly moving target. There’s more and more Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is supposed to make life easier for advertisers but in fact seems geared towards making Google more money – unless you know the pitfalls. If you use Google’s default settings, you can be in for a nasty shock when …

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