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    Your advertising dollars are precious. You don't want to waste them and neither do we. At Click Media we GUARANTEE your AdWords account will be profitable within 45 days - or we'll refund our fees in full.

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We help small and medium businesses win the Google AdWords game

If you are serious about using Google AdWords to grow your business and want to work with experienced AdWords professionals who share the same objective i.e. to turn your AdWords account into an automated profit centre – we can help you achieve success. In fact, we GUARANTEE it.

If your AdWords account is not making a profit within 45 days, we will refund your money in full. We are willing to put our necks on the line. So you can’t lose.

This is our promise to you at Click Media

We know the secrets to creating AdWords campaigns that achieve a high quality score, high ranking, and higher than average click through rates. And we understand the key to this is not just the Ad itself, but the page where the prospect goes AFTER they click on the Ad – i.e. the landing page.

So, a crucial factor in a successful AdWords campaign is the creation of high converting landing pages, which generate enquiries, leads and sales.

Your AdWords will be profitable within 45 days

Most clients we work with make a profit on their AdWords account within 45 days (usually less). If an account is not profitable, the reason is usually a more fundamental issue with the business e.g. their pricing might be wrong, their customer service might be poor etc.

Usually we can tell before we engage with a client whether there are more fundamental issues in the business, which might render AdWords unprofitable. In that case, we will be upfront and decline to work with them.

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Our clients include

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